Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) UK Portal

There is an increasing urgency to find viable alternatives to private cars. Environmental issues and traffic congestion are important issues affecting all of the world population. The concept of Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) offers a real alternative to car use, and one that does not penalise travellers.

In essence, Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) provides a mechanism whereby passengers can be picked up and dropped off at their chosen locations, like using a taxi but at a price more usually associated with fixed route bus services.

Many European countries are trialling DRT and the UK is probably leading the way in the scale of such shared transport services. Counties like Lincolnshire and Shropshire have adopted DRT as a key feature of their transport provision integrating flexible services with fixed route and feeding into towns and cities from rural areas.

However, there is no central way of finding out about the availability of DRT services or booking to them.

This project aims to put in place an open web portal to provide information on shared door-to-door transport services and allow real time booking of trips on participating schemes.

The project is part funded by the Technology Strategy Board and project partners include:

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